Our Vision

"Build Together. Build Better"

Convinced that trade brings people together and that economic development brings peace, Abramundi is a non-profit NGO bringing together civil society players (entrepreneurs, investors, artists, writers, scientists...) who want to build harmony in the countries bound by the Abraham Accords signed in 2020 - Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan - and beyond, throughout the Middle East and North Africa. The alliance of their expertise and resources will enable innovative and virtuous initiatives, responding to the major challenges of our time (end of the oil era, climate transition...) and creating shared prosperity, capable of fostering lasting understanding.

Its web media, Abramundi.org produces positive, optimistic and enlightening content on the MENA region (articles, podcasts, stories, portraits, interviews, webinars) highlighting its entrepreneurs, culture, news and much more.

An Editorial Vision focused on Positivity

Abramundi.org's editorial line is radically different from that of traditional media, which often tend to focus on the conflicts, political tensions and crises affecting the MENA region. Abramundi.org sets itself apart by focusing on inspiring narratives, entrepreneurial success stories, optimistic cultural initiatives and the hopeful news that emanates from the latter. By highlighting these positive aspects, Abramundi.org seeks to rebalance the media narrative around the MENA region and promote a more nuanced understanding of it.

Understanding the MENA Region differently

Abramundi.org offers a new understanding key, highlighting the elements that unite and bring together the peoples of North Africa and the Middle East. Their cultures are rich and diverse, with multiple influences (artistic, culinary, historical...) that cross national borders. Entrepreneurs and committed figures contribute to the region's economic and social development. By telling these stories and giving a voice to those who embody them, Abramundi.org shows that the MENA region is a place of dialogue, resilience, innovation, creativity and opportunity. With one objective : contributing to a future where cultural diversity and coexistence are celebrated as a strength and source of inspiration for all. Like a mosaic, where each piece, though different in form and nature, contributes to a common masterpiece.